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DigiWorld Summit 2013 - The digital gold mines

What will be the new business model for telcos?

It may seem paradoxical to include the telecommunications market among the likely ‘digital gold mines’ in the decade to come, given the difficulties that European operators have faced recently. However, who can deny the growing need for connectivity at ever higher speeds, everywhere (fixed and mobile)?

We predict that operators will face major upheavals. The situation cannot simply be put down to a saturated market and products and services that have no further scope for innovation. Rather, it seems that we are facing challenges in managing the end of one cycle (the introduction of competition) and the start of a new one that is characterised by an explosion in connection times, an abundance of technical innovations and usage, the overhaul of value chains and the sudden emergence of major players.

Discover Smart connectivity Plenary session speakers

DigiWorld Summit 2013 Smart Connectivity Plenary session Speakers

Without completely overlooking the debate over what changes need to be made to the regulatory framework, this ‘Smart connectivity’ plenary session will cover the following topics:

How will the business models of telecommunications operators change? How can we speed up the transition from a pricing model that is still largely based on voice calls and SMS? Which segmentation parameters will come into play at the level of Next-Generation Network
(NGN) access (e.g. data transfer speeds, Goctets, content bundles and quad play)?

More fundamentally, what role will telecommunications operators play in the new digital ecosystem, which is characterised by innovations in areas other than networks (such as Over-The-Top (OTT) services and smart devices) and is dominated by the platforms of Internet giants?

Which concepts and developments in software and network architecture are key to supporting the restructuring of operators? Does the Internet of Things represent the ‘new frontier’ for operators? What should we make of the focus on policy management and real time charging tools? What can operators hope for from the migration of business Information Systems (IS) and consumer applications to the cloud? What opportunities and risks does network virtualisation (Software Defined Network) present?

New Business models for telcos
Digiworld Summit 2013, Smart connectivity: three sided business models for telcos

Ultimately, what will the industrial structure of the sector look like (operators and providers) once all of these changes have taken place? More specifically, will the vision of a single European market become a reality in the sector? How important will consolidation strategies (both national and cross-border) or infrastructure sharing become? To what extent will fixed/mobile convergence become widespread? Will the telecommunications market remain essentially a retail market, or will it be dominated by wholesale players?

DigiWorld Summit - Smart Connectivity Plenary Session (Nov.20 - 9:15am)

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