World Video Game Market

Video game industry represents 50,4 billion EUR in 2010

IDATE has just published the report “World Video Game Market- Data & forecast 2010-2014” which analyses the global market for hardware & software industry. In a recovering economical environment the game sector is becoming a global phenomenon, dematerialization has enabled the industry to penetrate new markets all around the globe.

“First half of 2010 was marked by the appearance of appearance of new terminals, new accessories, and new functionalities, which pushed the industry towards new gaming experiences by innovations in gameplay”, comments Laurent Michaud, head of the Digital Home Entertainment practice at IDATE.

Sustained growth in video game software

Even though the results for 2009 for traditional video game segments were mixed[1] , several signs show that the industry continues to expand over the internet and that it is being reinvigorated by technological innovations and their integration into new consumer electronics terminals.
Eventually, the video game industry (equipment + software), after minimal growth between 2008 and 2009 (+0.1%), should experience a drop, also minimal, between 2010 and 2011 (-0.01%). This drop is primarily due to hardware segments that are entering a transition phase to a new generation of machines. Beyond that, growth in the sector’s worldwide turnover should again experience significant growth.

When looking only at turnover from software sales, the gaming market continues to grow at a sustained rate due to on-line gaming and mobile phone gaming. Worldwide, it should increase from 38 billion EUR in 2010 to 52.3 billion EUR in 2014.

[1] IDATE estimates that the home console gaming software segment of the market lost 7.1% of its value worldwide between 2008 and 2009.  The hardware segment lost 12.9%.
Handheld console gaming software market however lost 5.3% of its value and the hardware segment lost 21.6%.

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