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Superfast broadband revenue set to grow by 95% over the 5 next years, to reach €182 billion in 2017


“The superfast broadband market’s growth potential is greater than ever,” says Valerie Chaillou who heads up IDATE’s FTTx Watch service. “We expect to see superfast broadband revenue grow by 95% over the 5 next years, to reach €182 billion in 2017. Keeping in mind that, at the end of 2012, superfast technologies (FTTH/B, FTTN and FTTLA) accounted for only 21% of broadband access subscriptions.”


FTTH/B remains the leading superfast broadband solution worldwide, way ahead of FTTLA and VDSL

FTTH/B represented 69% of FTTx subscriptions at the end of 2012, compared to 20% for FTTLA and 11% for FTTN+VDSL. But the regional breakdown remains very disparate:
• FTTH/B is clearly the technology of choice in APAC, whereas FTTLA is leading the superfast broadband system in Western Europe and North America;
• VDSL is the technology of choice for several European incumbents;
• It is very early days for NGA rollouts in Latin America and the Middle East. These countries will make an increasingly large contribution to the global spread of superfast broadband in the coming years.

Several top telcos are still grappling with the choice between an FTTH/B or VDSL rollout, especially in Europe:

• Several parameters need to be taken into account – starting with cost. FTTH/B rollouts have nonetheless moved forward in several European countries – which is encouraging at a time when the EU’S telcos are seeing their margins shrink.
• Meanwhile, some players are betting on the future capacity of legacy copper networks.

Part of FTTx Architectures, Worldwide

Part of FTTx Architectures, Worldwide

Source: IDATE, FTTx Watch


FTTx customer rankings: 6 Asian and 4 American telcos make up the world’s Top 10

Only one carrier involved in large-scale FTTN+VDSL rollouts in the top 10 (AT&T), and two cablecos that are upgrading to FTTLA (Comcast and TWC). All three operate in the United States.


Top 10 worldwide FTTx players, at end 2012

Top 10 worldwide FTTx players, at end 2012

Source: IDATE, FTTx Watch


This analysis is an extract from our World FTTx Markets - Database & Status Report which we propose within our ongoing monitoring of the worldwide FTTx market.

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