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The e-commerce worldwide revenues will rise from 818 billion EUR in 2012 to 1 319 billion EUR in 2016

Our ongoing tracking of the main Internet markets – Search, Social Networking, Video, e-commerce, Mobile apps, Online advertising – for fixed and mobile access is a very helpful source for a better understanding of the World of Internet. You can find some of our results for the e-commerce below.

Online shoppers: penetration varies depending on country

  • Between 60% to 80% penetration for USA, the UK, France, Germany, South Korea.
  • Italy and Spain lag behind, largely due to lack of market maturity. Conversely, Japan leads with over 80% penetration. China is expected to show the highest growth.
  • Worldwide it is a battle between Amazon and eBay, with strong local players in Asia such as Japan’s Rakuten

Proportion internet users shop online

E-commerce revenue: clear leaders in USA and China

  • USA the clear leader. the UK, France and Germany leaders in the EU. EU-27 total sales comparable to US.
  • In Asia, China leads and is expected to show impressive growth, closing the gap with the United States.
  • E-commerce already very well-established in Japan, so little room for growth.


Revenue per online shopper: Europe in good stead

  • EU-5 reporting strong sales, with the UK, France and Italy having a higher per-user e-commerce revenue than the USA, and Germany and Spain not that far behind.
  • Asian figures significantly lower, especially in South Korea and China, although Japanese figures comparable to USA and the EU-5.

Share of m-commerce: Japan and South Korea clear leaders

  • m-commerce in Japan and South Korea has by far the biggest share of e-commerce sales, due to the maturity of the mobile Internet in these two countries.
  • m-commerce in the US and the EU-5 still fledgling, but will develop apace with the mobile Internet.


Senior Consultant at IDATE

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